Why our Clients prefer us

Our environmentally friendly and proprietary approach to meter- reading has been a large part of our success. We own all equipment needed to do a thorough and accurate job. These means zero capital costs for our clients. Being on site regularly promotes a positive community environment and detects leaks before they cause damage to property and public relations.
Being able to match existing computer systems means that District staff do not have to purchase/train/maintain new systems. We provide your reports accurately and on time.

How Metereaders save Water Districts Money

Our Technical Approach

Our proprietary computer systems provides accurate readings that match your current system. No staff training needed. We match the system you have!

We Own All Equipment Needed

We own, maintain and operate all our own equipment. This frees up your personnel, equipment and storage to deal with the critical issues of running a city. Let us know how we can help.

Balanced Reads

We are able to read all the meters in short window. Our clients appreciate our balanced reads and on schedule reports.

Early Leak Detection

Being on site on a regular basis and finding leaks saves our clients thousands a year. The damage from one leak can greatly effect the bottom line of a budget and from client relations.

How we Save our Clients Money

As budget dollars get tighter, more and more water districts are moving to contract meter reading. How are we able to save our clients so much money? Because of our; (1) Time tested and proprietary computer system. (2) Efficient and safety focused scooter reading method.

Some of the specific cost savings come from a water district not having to;

  • Purchase and maintenance of pickup trucks
  • Labor for 1-2 readers per truck
  • Expensive Meter Reading Database Systems
  • Training staff on Ever-Changing Software
  • Computer Systems for Collection Data and Producing Reports