"Green" is more than just a word

For over 26 years we have focused on doing a great job with a minimum of environmental impact. Not because it was popular but because it is the right thing to do. Utilizing small engine scooters, low power portable computers and a central repair garage, we are able to minimize our CO2 foot print. At 1000 meters read per 1 gallons of gas, we have saved uncounted tons of barrels of oil and kept our neighborhoods green.

Being "Green" involves more than producing less CO2. By quickly finding water system leaks we save fresh water and the effort/expense of repairing damage caused by extended leaks.

How we limit our impact on the environment

Finding Leaks Early

A water leak can cause extensive damage to water systems, yards and streets. Being on site regularly, prevents this from happening.

Light Weight Scooters

Large pickup trucks are inefficient and expensive to use. Our "Scooter Reading" system saves the environment tons of CO2 every month.

Producing Accurate Reports That Fit Your Current System

By producing the reports you need, we prevent costly computer systems from being required by our clients. Our 99.9% accuracy rating prevents redundant reading and excess correspondence.

Proprietary Computer System

Utilizing proprietary programming and custom hardware we eliminate the wasted time and expense of hand delivering printed reports. Accuracy and prompt delivery is our focus.

26 years of Green

Benefits To Our "Scooter Reading System"

Using trucks to get from one meter to another increases cost, produces excess waste and is unnecessary. By utilizing well maintained Scooters, our Readers are able to quickly and efficiently move through a route with minimal impact. Our onsite repair shop keeps these Scooters running at peak efficiency, only adding to the success of our light weight approach.

Some benefits of Scooter Reading;

  • Reading 1000 meters per 1.5 gallon of gas
  • Quickly and quietly moving through a neighborhood
  • Much safer for Children/Pets and Property
  • Lower bottom line cost for our Clients