services overview

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Specializing in professional water meter reading for over 30 years. Currently serving 40 cities and water districts in Oregon and Washington.

The Low Cost and Reliable Solution
Accurately and efficiently reading over 200,000 meters a month at a much lower cost than any other professional alternatives. A 40% - 50% reading cost savings is typical, compared to utility personnel reading costs. Eliminating the need to high cost data collection systems.

Make Better Use of your Personnel and Equipment
Since we specialize in reading meters, our speed and reliability frees up city personal and equipment to deal with other critical issues. Eliminating the need for hiring additional personnel, purchasing and maintaining equipment. All this results in minimal environmental impact.

Why our Clients Prefer us

  • We do not use any City equipment
  • 99.9% accuracy rate
  • 1 1/2 gallons of fuel used per 1000 customers
  • Eliminate high cost collection systems
  • Maintain our own Handheld Systems
  • Reading over 200,000 meters per month
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Courteous and respectful personnel
  • Computerized data collection tools
  • A focus on safety and efficiency
  • Ongoing reader training